Firefox receipt parser

This requires Firefox 14 and Python 2.7 or greater to be installed.

Creates a python script called receipts that will find Web App receipts in your Firefox install and then allows you to check them against the verification service contained within the receipt.

Tested on OS X, not sure about support for other operating systems yet.


To list receipts:

receipts -l

To check a receipt for a specific domain. This will check the receipt against the server and check that it is cryptographically correct. These are two different steps:

receipts -c -d DOMAINNAME

To check all domains:

receipts -c

To expand a receipt for a specific domain:

receipts -e -d DOMAINNAME

To expand all domains:

receipts -e

To dump a raw receipt:

receipts -D

By default receipts will try and find your default Firefox profile. If not it will use one provided with -p, eg:

receipts -l -p fx6



Currently the receipts script uses script, that enforces that for cyrpotgraphic verification the receipt must come from one of the Mozilla sources.


If you’ve got a B2G phone you can check the receipts on your phone. This assumes that receipts are installed at:


Connect your phone to the USB cable and ensure that you’ve got access to adb.

Then add in the argument adb or a. To any of the above commands and instead of looking at Firefox, it will pull the receipts file off your phone and examine that instead. For example:

receipts -a --list


If you’ve got the Firefox OS Simulator installed you can you check receipts by adding the argument simulator or s.

To any of the above commands and instead of looking at Firefox, it will check with the simulator. For example:

receipts -s --list

If you specify s and a an error will be raised.


To read a receipt from a file, just pass the -f argument. For example:

receipts -f /tmp/receipt.txt